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Hello %%FIRST_NAME%%,

Welcome to the Narrobudget trial. That’s what the application is called for now. If you can think of a better name, please let me know. I’m sure there’s a better name out there.

In addition to testing the budgeting software, you’re also testing a new module I’ve added to the site. It’s allowed me to create member areas such as this, protect files and content and set up seamless affiliate tracking. The affiliate programme may be something you’ll be interested in once it’s up and running, but for now I want to concentrate on Narrobudget. You’ll find a link to download the application by clicking on Your Content above.

The application is a very sophisticated spreadsheet designed by me after living on my own boat for two and a half years but programmed by a Chartered Financial Analyst in the USA. Because the application has been designed in Microsoft Excel, you need Excel to run the application. It won’t work any other way I’m afraid. I’ve tried to compile it so that it will work without Excel but, because of the complexity of the spreadsheet, I can’t do it. Maybe you know more about the subject than I do and can point me in the right direction.

If you have Microft Office on your PC/laptop/tablet, you have Excel. You can download Narrobudget here or from the link in the “Your Content” section.

I am going to offer the application as a free download. I will recoup the cost of development and contribute towards the site’s running costs by offering an additional bundle to allow users to enter meaningful data. There’s a link to this bundle within the application, but I haven’t written the copy for the sales page yet.

I would like you to play around with the application, enter some data and look at the results. Does it all make sense? Is there any part of the process or the application itself that isn’t easy to understand? Is there anything missing? Is there any part of the application that should be better?

Come back to this page and post your comments at the bottom of this page so other testers can read them and make comments of their own.