Steppin’ out; The maiden voyage approacheth, ooh mother what’ll I do now

A little different to the norm.

A little different to the norm.

A big warm scarred and excited hello to everyone as after a couple of years of planning and waiting for the house to sell and looking and waffle, waffle I looked round yesterday and thought oh sh… dear its hear.

About five years ago I had an idea that a dream could be possibly a reality and started working in that direction and now on Sunday at about High Noon it will be a reality. Exciting and scary and oh the sodding paperwork, insurance, license and mooring and well it’s not too bad really. My co-pilot and me will set off on our journey sometime Sunday afternoon after we’ve had an induction on what does what and how to thingy the stern gland, light the central heating which hopefully we wont need, sort the stove, batteries and all the other bits that as  novice boaters we will need to know, and head off towards Manchester. A couple of hours of easy cruising and moor up at Castlefield ready to face the Rochdale nine first thing Monday morning.

The picture shows you she is not your normal narrowboat but maybe that’s part of the attraction for me. The survey results were excellent and he couldn’t find a lot wrong with her at all. He thought her well worth the money so I’m happy on that score. Now just sorting out all the insurance and things so everything legal before setting off in the general direction of Willington Mercia Marina.  Give us a heil if you see us on our way or when I’m home. Plan is Rochdale canal then the Ashton then the Peak then down onto the Mac and back onto the Trent and Mersey.

Hopefully blogging on route each night if I can master a dongle and get a signal. Steve, my crew, and me after a long discussion decided, against our better judgement but in the spirit of intrepid journalists, we would look at what was on offer in some of the waterside Taverns and report back to your good selves as we know you would want this information on which were good hostelries and which had good beer and cider. We shan’t enjoy any of the sampling as we don’t normally like that sort of thing but as stiff upper lip Englishmen we feel it our duty.

Hope to see some of you on the water soon.

God bless you.


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