Steppin’Out; Hell of a time. Any ideas on the heat?

Hi everyone and isn’t it great that we’re actually having a summer this year, which I forecasted shortly after the start of May, I have been forecasting a good summer for the last few years too so I was bound to get it right sooner or later. I love the sun and warm weather and WILL NOT COMPLAIN about how hot is as I think the main problem is the fact we don’t get enough of it so people moan because they aren’t used to it.Willington to Burton 042

It’s made me smile that so many people who aren’t boaters ask if you’re going to be cold in the winter but nobody asks or warns you that you’re going to roast your whatsits off in the summer. I’ve taken the top of the windows out which allows a better through put of air. This was after a few weeks of swealtering as I didn’t realise the top of my top hopper windows just lift straight out, how wonderful.

A few of us were stood about chatting the other day and I mentioned I would probably repaint the boat next year and I was thinking about black mainly with purple highliting but nothing decided yet and we got to discussing heat properties of colours. So I am now thinking of painting her white with probably purple trimming or panels as it seems no problem to keep to warm in the winter but a little more work needed to cool the interior down in summer. Someone said that if you feel the top of a dark coloured boat in the sun it’s hot and a white or light coloured one it feels cooler.Willington to Burton 071

A tip for anyone who has trouble sleeping when it’s very hot, which I have used for many many years myself, fet a freezer pack and wrap it in a tea towel and lie on it like you would a hot water bottle. It cools you down nicely once you get over the ooh aah. You can do it with out the tea towel but I find that to be a bit too much of a shock. You could use a hot water bottle and put it in the fridge or freezer as you require but it does work.

I’ve put a few pics in of a little trip I took up to Burton on a beautiful sunny Monday morning. 4 hours in the blazing sunshine but it was wonderful just crawling along at about 2 miles an hour. I do need to just potter out a little more if only for a few hours.

I’ve now done two weeks proper work and while it’s very tiring doing 12 hour shifts which do just entail, work, eat and sleep basically but having 4 days off seems nice. They’ve asked me to do over time already so next week I have five days of 12 hour shifts. I shall be cream crackered and definitely not blogging during work days.

Time for a bit of sun now. Have fun and may your God go with you.


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