Blindly going where most men have gone before

Ok let’s not all faint at once…I of no strength in my hands, no confidence in electrics fixed the pump and it actually works very well. One thing I did was to take photos of the pump whilst it was still fitted so I would know how to put it all back together again…but I omitted to take shots of the wiring – very silly. Thankfully I had enough nous to suss it out.

Brown is the boat end live and red is the pump end live and whats left (blue on the boat end and black on the pump end) is left.

First I had to get the parts and arranged with the very helpful (Ben Knott) site manager at New Islington Marina that the parts could be delivered to his office.

Cleghorn Waring seem to have every part for every pump and their tech support team were also very helpful and happy to check I had ordered the correct parts.

And so the parts for the pump arrive: the pump





…and I set to work blindly going where most men have gone before…

20140321_124539First removing the old bits…and then greasing the (I want to call it a flange because it sounds such an hilarious activity but it isn’t a flange) chamber.

20140321_124659Then I insert the new impella as you do…

20140321_125944Then the gasket, then the lid.


the lidI want to polish it and shine it all up but given I don’t know if it will work it feels like a futile errand…listen to the lovely rain spattering my roof top and but a moment ago it was glorious sunshine.20140321_110340

…and so me, the pump the bits and the filter make our way back to the hoses and I connect it all together again as you do.

cleaned filterNote the new jubilee clips and cleaned filter.

then stuck it all back together again…

stuck back together

Tested it…

the test…and nothing happened, nothing at all, no motor no pumping nowt…so I went and picked someones brain and they came with new chock connections and put it all back together while I held the flange…I mean the torch…and then bingo it worked.

Put the floor backfloor and ran away.

For those of you in the know can anyone explain why some water goes back into the shower via the plug hole as if there should be a none-return valve that isn’t working.

Others may have noted that I didn’t fit all the gasket parts to the pump…am just afraid of starting something I cannot finish – taking things apart I have always been good at its the other part – putting it all back together again that I find daunting.

I was going to put some music on to celebrate but with the rain dancing a merry tune on my roof I am engaged in its music as the wind gently rocks the boat.and so it all went in and on went the lid yippee.